Glass roofs – what are the benefits?

When customers are taking a look at something like our Hawaii-80 Roofing System, they’re often curious as to exactly how they too can benefit from glass roofing in their home or in their conservatory area.

Because of this, we thought would be a great idea to take a look at what’s still quite a unique form of construction, and how it can benefit homeowners.

They look stunning

Glass in any form never fails to give a home a stylish modern aesthetic. Even homes that are less than exciting as they stand can be given a real boost with the installation of a glass conservatory or skylight.

Put simply, the right glazing installed by experts such as ourselves will make any property more desirable. If you want your home to be the envy of the neighbours, there are few better options.

Increased natural light

This benefit won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but that doesn’t mean it should be under-estimated! The installation of a glass roof or skylight can substantially increase the amount of natural light allowed to flood into your property.

What are the actual benefits of this? Well, there are a number of them:

  • Natural light has been proven to increase general happiness levels and increase feelings of well-being
  • Natural light can emphasise interior designs in a great way, accentuating colours and helping to increase the positive ambience within the room
  • Natural light can be a great money saver, especially in those dark winter months: far less need to reach for the light switch!

Good thermal performance

If you work with an experienced team of experts, such as Urban & Grey, then the glass you have installed can increase the thermal performance of your home.

Glass features with excellent U-values help your home to maintain comfortable levels of heat and insulation throughout the year. A glass roof or sunlight has been proven over time to help you save money on your household bills: as with the savings on light, increased insulation will mean less need for you to turn your heating on during the chillier months of the year. For larger homes – those that typically have substantial bills during the winter – this can represent a big saving over time.

They can improve the value of your home

An effective glass roof or conservatory can offer you what is essentially additional living space, as long as the project adheres to the necessary building regulations. By giving you a space outside the home that is protected from the elements, a glass roof will almost certainly make your property more valuable.

Of course, it’s not all about the sale: the ability to sit outside and enjoy your garden in the evening without having to worry about getting cold – or getting rained on – is a wonderful thing, and it’s a benefit many people around the UK already enjoy. You could enjoy it, too.

Glass roofs are often quieter than the alternative

Though there are some benefits to a plastic conservatory roof, peace and quiet is not necessarily one of them. Indeed, the wrong kind of plastic roof can make even the mildest shower sound like a hail storm. Glass roofs are far less susceptible to this issue, and will give you the peace and quiet that you deserve.

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