Curtain Walling
If you’ve spent time on our website, it’s likely you’ll have come across a term that isn’t always well-known in the world of home improvements: curtain walling. Let us take you through the ins and outs of curtain wall systems, how they are made, which applications are best suited to them and the practical benefits...
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One of the leading aluminium systems suppliers we work with at Urban & Grey is continuing to put its faith in the UK market by investing heavily in a brand-new warehouse facility in Birmingham. The Belgian brand, Reynaers, who specialise in developing innovative and sustainable solutions in aluminium for windows, doors and curtain walling for...
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Curtain wall systems can be custom-made and manufactured, although ‘off-the-shelf’ proprietary solutions can also be purchased. It’s possible to choose from both horizontal and vertical curtain walling which works well for both domestic and commercial projects. Multiple glazing treatments are available for horizontal and vertical curtain walling; including transparent, translucent and opaque glass – or...
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