Steel Framed Internal Doors London – Domestic Room Dividers in Your Home

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Domestic Room Dividers – Steel Framed Internal Doors Made to Measure

Steel in the home continues to dominate in the home fashion stakes; internal partitions and large steel windows replace solid doors and walls in contemporary homes.

Usually found in bathroom stalls, the glass doors are gaining more and more space in the different environments of the house. They appear in modern buildings integrating both external and internal areas with great elegance.

The use of glass allows greater smoothness in the transition from one room to another, especially in the case of outdoor areas with gardens, where you can create the feeling that the plants are part of the interior of the house as well.

Bespoke Minimal and Slimline – Retro Look for Listed Buildings and Heritage Property

Designed as a slim-line and thermally efficient replacement for steel windows, our Elegance range uses steel look-a-like profiles which will maintain the character of your period property. They are suitable for use in listed buildings, heritage and conservation areas. To complete the look, we offer finishing touches such as optional dummy butt hinges and traditional furniture.

We are proud to be an independent company founded in 2014 with a strong professional work ethic and outstanding client care.

Using the latest ‘Polyamide’ thermal break technology and high-security multi-point locking options, Urban & Grey have created an ultra-modern replacement for old steel windows. Not only that, as a result of their high specification our windows exceed the requirements for new build, replacement and refurbishment projects.

Manufactured from precision-engineered aluminium, our steel-look aluminium windows offer all the design and style capabilities of the Art Deco look, but with the added benefit of advanced performance across thermal, security and durability.

Not just for external use…

London Made To Measure Aluminium Pivot Folding Sliding Internal Doors Surrey Invisible Hinges Colour Frames - Portapivot -

Internal Glass Room Dividers for Domestic Homes in London

Create the perfect industrial look in your house with our internal room dividing screens.

Our steel-look slimline aluminium windows provide all the warmth and security of standard aluminium windows when used externally. But these windows are not restricted to just external use.

Our Steel Look Windows & Doors enables you to create internal spaces with luxury dividers which create unique spaces through custom-made Steel-look aluminium screens and doors. These industrial-style windows are designed and built to be both practical and aesthetically beautiful, giving any house a contemporary look and feel.

Whether you have a large space or a small space, the internal Elegance system offers the perfect solution to alternative room partitioning.

Our windows utilise polyamide thermal break technology which creates a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside that reduces the thermal transmittance. This significantly enhances the overall U Value.

Art Deco Inspired Steel Look Aluminium Windows and Doors

Urban & grey steel-look art deco aluminium window products are available in a choice of standard or non-standard colours, including metallic, dual colour, textured, and anodised effect finishes.

  • The system features an extended polyamide thermal break which improves the overall U Value of the profile
  • This allows to achieve a Window Energy ‘A’ Rating when used in conjunction with the correct double or triple glazed unit
  • The system is suitable for both internally or externally beaded, side or top hung open out windows
  • High-security multi-point lock
  • Durable stainless steel easy glide hinge.

Redesigning your kitchen is one of the most sizeable investments you are likely to make in your family home. But it’s also one of the most important given that it’s one of the most used spaces for your family to spend time together.

Replacement Kitchen Conservatory Doors and Internal Windows

The key to an enjoyable kitchen is its functionality. But before you dive in head first and plan your layout think very carefully about exactly how you’ll want to use the space.

Consider too how to distinguish between social and cooking areas and the way in which artificial and natural lighting will work to make it easy to whip up dinner but sit and enjoy each other’s company.

Home Kitchen Room Dividers for Natural lighting

If it’s natural daylight that you’d like to maximise into your new family kitchen there are at least a few ways to go about this.

A great way to extend your kitchen dining space is to build a small conservatory on the side. Our Hawaii80 conservatory roof system is perfect for lean-to roofs and even the most complex conservatory structures to not only allow natural light to flood into your new kitchen but fresh air too, using opening roof vents with manual or motorised operation.

Alternatively, for seamless direct glazing, glass curtain walling from floor to ceiling could be utilised vertically allowing for abundant levels of natural light to flood into your kitchen space.

London Bespoke Glass Internal Room Dividers

Previously, large bespoke glass living spaces have been difficult to construct due to energy reduction regulations, but our Supersun100 exceeds thermal efficiency guidelines, delivering an uncompromised vision of light and spaciousness.

Inevitably the room size will have a large bearing on your kitchen’s layout. But these bespoke aluminium glazing ideas can make even the narrowest kitchens appear more attractive and enjoyable to spend time in.

Kitchen Central islands

If space does allow, opting for a central island within your kitchen area is the perfect way to not only incorporate some useful worktop space for food prep, but also a potential breakfast bar area and space where family and guests can sit and chat or your kids can do their homework while dinner is being prepared.

A roof light can also transform areas above central islands, discretely allowing in natural daylight with the minimum amount of visible frame; ideal for food prep areas. Roof lights can be installed directly into a stepped upstand, which is built with a subtle slope to allow for water run-off.

Utilising narrow floor space in the eating area

For family kitchens where space is likely to be at a premium, creating that sociable kitchen-cum-living space is somewhat more challenging.

Nevertheless, it’s still very much achievable if you are careful with the spatial design. By limiting cabinets and cupboards to just one side of a narrow kitchen it’s then possible to free up space on the opposite side of the room to house a family dining table.

Aside from cabinets and cupboards, the use of storage solutions such as pantries, carousels, pull-out larders and deep drawers can also maximise every inch of floor space in your new-look kitchen.

There’s a well-known saying: “The kitchen is the heart of the home”. When you have a family the kitchen is where countless special memories are made, shared over family dinners; where your kids discuss their school day over an afternoon snack; and where friends share a bottle of wine and a gossip.

Using clever design, stylish furnishings and glazed living spaces it’s possible to create a welcoming kitchen area for relaxing with the family and entertaining friends.


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