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Sky Lanterns, Roof Skylights and Roofing Windows in London With the nicer weather upon us now is the perfect time to change any rooms starved of natural daylight in your home. Are you fed up with darkened areas in your attic space or box rooms on the top floor of your house? Struggling to think...
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How to Repaint Aluminium Doors and Windows 2020 Now with the current 2020 lockdown for COVID-19 you’ve decided you’re going to repaint your doors or windows, or maybe even both. Whether it’s because you’ve never quite warmed to the colour of your existing aluminium window frame or you’re feeling like an adventurous change of style,...
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How To Clean Doors Windows Double Glazing 2020
How To Clean Doors and Double Glazing Windows 2020 Lockdown Cleaning Tips APRIL 2020: COVID-19 Lockdown has now the time to take good care of your family and your home and stay safe whilst getting on top of those outdoor chores; namely keeping your aluminium doors and frames sparkling clean to maximise their style and...
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Condensation and Double Glazed Windows Condensation is the most common form of dampness and can have a huge impact on your living space, especially if it’s left uncontrolled. It can cause mold and damp that affects your furniture and walls, or even become a serious health hazard. What are the causes of condensation? The air...
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aluminium windows doors
THE ADVANTAGES OF ALUMINIUM WINDOWS & DOORS At Urban & Grey, we pride ourselves on offering high quality Aluminium windows and doors to suit a wide range of residential and commercial projects. Instant access to further information: Request a brochure online. So, what are the advantages of using Aluminium windows and doors in your project?...
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