How To Clean Doors Windows Double Glazing 2020

How To Clean Doors and Double Glazing Windows 2020 Lockdown Cleaning Tips

APRIL 2020: COVID-19 Lockdown has now the time to take good care of your family and your home and stay safe whilst getting on top of those outdoor chores; namely keeping your aluminium doors and frames sparkling clean to maximise their style and sophistication before the colder months bite.

After all, the installation of an aluminium glazing system is a genuine investment for your property, so it’s important that you protect the aluminium and the glass from the outside elements and avoid any long-term damage to these integral materials.

Below is a simple to follow set of instructions for cleaning aluminium doors and polishing up those frames ready to impress family and friends at those summer barbecues:

What Cleaning Methods Work Best on Doors and Frames

  • We don’t recommend using anything tougher than natural bristle brushes to wipe down.
  • A traditional sponge or soft cloth would offer best results whilst being kinder to the glass and aluminium framework.
  • The most effective way to clean the initial dirt and grime off your aluminium glazing and door frames is to use a hose or pressure washer. All of the superficial residue should fall off easily this way, making the job a whole lot easier!

Recommended cleaning solutions for your aluminium doors

  • If you have already hosed down your glass doors and the surrounding framework, you should only require a basic detergent solution to work with. Be sure to test any product on a small area of your glass panes first to ensure it has the desired effect.
  • If you spot one or two scuff marks or dirt patches on the aluminium framework you can use a special aluminium cleaner solution. However, a paraffin or non-abrasive liquid cream cleaner will be equally as effective. It’s always best to avoid any solutions containing strong solvents such as chlorine, hydrocarbons and ketones.
  • Once you’ve scrubbed the glazing and framework clean using your chosen solution, simply wipe down the glass and aluminium with a damp cloth. This prevents gravity from pulling the dirty water onto the cleaned areas.

Polishing your aluminium frames

  • Once you’ve cleaned up those stunning aluminium frames, you’ll want them to shine and gleam for as long as possible. A combination of some fine steel wool and fresh water should do the trick, helping to prevent the build-up of oxide which can dull the surface of your aluminium.

How often should you clean your aluminium doors?

  • The regularity of your cleaning regime ultimately depends on how often you’re capable of physically carrying out the task and how hazardous your local atmosphere is. Should you live in a built-up urban area with more atmospheric pollution, you should consider cleaning your aluminium framework every three months. In more rural areas, an annual deep clean should suffice.

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At Urban & Grey we believe firmly in the quality and sustainability of aluminium window and door solutions for our customers.

With over 200 colours and finishes available for bespoke aluminium door installations in your home – from matt and gloss to metallic and scratch-resistant – an adequate cleaning regime can protect your investment and maintain the luxury of abundant natural light in your precious living areas.


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