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Steel Replacement Doors And Windows London

Transform your home with the latest steel-look frames for replacement internal and external doors, windows, conservatories and partitions from Urban and Grey

On-trend and on everyone’s wish list, the latest generation of steel replacement doors and windows continues to dominate the contemporary home market.

From large windows to internal partitions, steel is becoming the material of choice to replace existing solid doors and walls. At Urban and Grey we offer affordable and authentic alternatives to help you create different styles – from a period metal window look to a contemporary industrial look.

We are proud to be an independent company founded in 2014 with a strong professional work ethic and outstanding client care.

London Doors and Windows Made to Measure – Art Deco Inspired and Minimalist Designs

Learn how Urban and Grey can help improve your home with contemporary or traditional steel replacement doors and windows from our extensive range from the helpful articles below:

Authentic steel replacement doors, windows, and partitions

To replace your windows, doors or internal partitions we use the best steel replacement systems in aluminium – you will benefit from thin aluminium profiles and thanks to the glazing bars on the glass you will get a multi-panel look at a cost-effective price.

At Urban and Grey we offer the latest products including:

  • Single or double doors with or without a standard threshold
  • An extensive range of fixed and opening windows
  • Internal aluminium doors and partitions, including ‘New York’ style screens
  • Windows inside the home — to separate two rooms or used as feature windows
  • A range of colours – black and grey are particularly popular colours for steel replacement doors and windows
  • Exterior steel-look French doors and glazing – used for exterior and internal doors and for front porches. They come with matching side panels in many different colours and configurations.

In addition, we can work with you to reproduce exactly the position and dimensions of existing metal glazing bars in your property, as well as providing a large choice of window beads and profiles. We can provide you with a choice of stepped window vents, a ‘putty-line’ appearance, and bay windows in the latest aluminium slimline products.

London Home Owners Buy Steel-look windows in aluminium

Our range of steel-replacement windows provide you with an attractive and distinctive look, are energy efficient, and offer high-levels of security for your home. You will receive premium- grade aluminium profiles, quality glass units and thermal insulation and a wide range of window profiles and colours from which to choose.

Aluminium steel-look doors

We provide one of the most authentic period and heritage style steel-look doors on the market. The doors come in a choice of options and colours and are ideal as patio doors or internal room dividers.  At Urban and Grey we also offer an on-trend steel-look bifolding door system.

Steel-look bifolding doors

Our steel-look bifolding doors are some of the slimmest available, offer the practicalities of a bifold and give you the iconic, steel-inspired look of a classical metal door.

Interior steel-look doors

We use the same beautiful steel-look profiles for our interior doors as we do for our exterior doors – the interior doors are expertly modified but have the same slim profiles and consistent sightlines. The doors are available as single doors, double doors, and doors with side panels.

Exterior steel-look porches

If you want the same timeless look at the front of your house to match your windows, external and internal doors, at Urban and Grey we can provide you with either single or double steel-look entrance doors with matching windows, side or top panels – and the impressive and distinctive styling you would expect from our steel-look products.

Interior New York-style screens

We can provide you with beautiful New York-style screens which are fixed or combined and come with opening doors and windows. Our screens help to bring lots of light into your property and give you an eye-catching way of dividing your rooms. You can choose from a range of aluminium profiles and bar grid designs and they are available in a range of colours – including the ever-popular black.

Contact us today

Contact us today to discuss how Urban and Grey can help improve your home with contemporary or traditional steel replacement doors and windows from our extensive range, and to obtain a free quotation. T: +44 (0) 20 8979 6367/E:

Please visit our website at to take a look at our collection of installations, products, and designs.

Steel Replacement Doors And Windows London

Our bespoke aluminium glazing systems are proving increasingly popular, not only because they are aesthetically stunning and enhance the value of properties but the glass itself can be specified to our customers’ individual requirements.

Our glazing options are custom-specified to meet the exacting needs of our clients as well as all necessary Building Regulations requirements.

London, Hampton Showroom – River Thames Location

When we welcome prospective customers to our Hampton showroom overlooking the River Thames, they are always impressed by the level of customisability whether it’s a set of bi-fold doors, fixed frameless glazing, walk-on glass or even a flat roof skylight.

  • Call for information and opening times on 020 8979 6367 or send a message via our online Contact Form

Here’s the range of glazing specifications we can supply in our superior product range manufactured by one of the largest aluminium glazing firms in Europe:

Toughened glazing

Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. It’s great for safety-conscious consumers and also minimises the risk of thermal stress breakage of glazing exposed to solar radiation.

Laminate glazing

Created by adhering two pieces of tempered glass together using a vinyl layer, laminated glazing takes safety standards to an even higher level. In the rare event of breakage, the pieces of glass will actually stay in place; held together by the vinyl layer.

Double glazing

Providing long-lasting, effective insulation for your property, double glazed aluminium windows can maximise external views whilst providing impressive thermal and acoustic insulation between the exterior and interior of the building. In summary, it’s enhanced window energy performance without sacrificing transparency.

Triple glazing

The extra window pane enhances heat retention within your property. Triple glazed U-values reach significantly lower than the double glazing average of 1.6. Triple glazing also makes your property that little bit harder for intruders to break in, with an extra pane offering additional resistance.

Integral blind systems

Integrated blind systems can suit both residential and commercial properties. Encapsulated within your aluminium glazing unit, the blinds are virtually maintenance-free and work with all types of vertical doors and windows. Electrically operated systems are available with numerous features such as solar powered, mains powered and remote controlled.

If you’d like to know more about our product range simply request a brochure or pop in to our riverside Hampton showroom and a dedicated team member will walk you through design options, products, thermal properties, efficiency requirements and glass options to achieve a bespoke solution for your building.


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