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Interior Glazed Doors London Domestic Glass Room Dividers Fitted

Original steel-framed glass doors and windows first appeared in the glazing industry in the 1880s and were known as Crittall® doors and soon became a must-have feature in period properties and buildings due to the aesthetically pleasing symmetrical art deco look.

Modern architecture and advancement in glass technology have placed much emphasis on the importance of light within your home, making glass the material of choice for external doors, from classic French doors to creating glass walls with sliding and bi-fold doors.

Steel Effect Internal Glass Room Dividers and Minimalist Doors Bespoke Designs

Steel effect doors and room dividers have been one of the most prominent interior design trends in recent years, for properties in London and Surrey and its popularity continues to grow amongst homeowners in London, Surrey Surrey and the home counties.

Now more homeowners are discovering its potential to transform their interiors by integrating steel effect doors and room dividers to zone open-plan spaces without reducing the ambient light.

We are proud to be an independent company founded in 2014 with a strong professional work ethic and outstanding client care.

London Made To Measure Aluminium Pivot Folding Sliding Internal Doors Surrey Invisible Hinges Colour Frames - Portapivot -

Open Plan Home Zones Made to Measure – Internal Doors and Room Dividers Supply and Fitting

Zoning open-plan spaces are also known as broken-plan living, and it’s the 21st-century innovation on open plan and enhances the sense of modern living. It has all the benefits of shared living, open spaces and the flow of natural light, but it’s a unique way to partially segment interiors, so each area of your room has a distinct form and function.

Internal steel effect doors and room dividers add a new perspective to open plan living space and ensure that sense of openness is not lost with a flowing transition from room to room.

The combination of toughened glass and minimal aluminium frame lends a feeling of freedom, privacy and space to divide your rooms.


Metal Framed Interior Doors Minimalistic and Art Deco Inspired

Edgy and versatile, these new internal metal-framed door systems are at home in almost any setting; whether it’s a cottage in the country or a penthouse in the city these glass doors will integrate seamlessly.

So, if you love the re-emergence of these glass room dividers and doors and are looking for the most cost-effective solution to create an industrial look into your home, you should consider Urban & Grey as a starting point.

Urban & Grey collection is a unique door system and is renowned in the glazing industry for its excellence in design and quality craftsmanship and its innovative technology and heritage features.

The durability of these steel replacement doors and room dividers come from the fact they are manufactured from an aluminium profile that is an outstanding alternative to steel, so you get all the sophistication of a traditional steel door aesthetic but with all the benefits of aluminium.

Domestic Interior Glazing for Homes in London

WHY YOU’LL LOVE INDUSTRIAL STYLE INTERIOR DOORS – Steel look grid styled room dividers and internal glass doors encapsulate interior design from across the spectrum – from chic vintage to ultra-modern.

Their ultra-slim steel effect frames offer a breath of beautiful quality design that blends sleek modernity and old-world charm.

They are perfect for a traditional home with its rustic aesthetic or add a retro twist to a modern property.

MIXING VINTAGE WITH CONTEMPORARY – While contemporary living remains a firm favourite amongst homeowners, mixing and matching vintage and modern features is becoming increasingly popular interior design trend. It brings a traditional and classic aesthetic to any home, but with all of the modern functionality and performance that you expect.

At the forefront of this burgeoning trend are industrial-style glass room dividers and vintage-style French doors which are an increasingly sought after look for modern kitchens and extensions.

Steel effect doors and room dividers are the ever-so-classic and timeless icons that can transform your home by adding a sense of warmth, character and personality, with a hint of Industrial elements similar to Scandi interior décor.

INDUSTRIAL STYLE GLASS PARTITIONS – Whether it’s for your kitchen, dining room, bedroom or bathroom our new glass room dividers and door system refresh any room in your home with a sense of traditional charm and glamour.

Slimline aluminium profiles capture the current trend for minimalist styling and all thing industrial.
Internal steel look doors in a graphite black finish make a great design statement and is a popular option to add a modern edge to interior space and offer a highly luxurious and ornate appearance.

London Made To Measure Aluminium Pivot Folding Sliding Internal Doors Surrey Invisible Hinges Colour Frames - Portapivot -


The Internal glass door systems from Urban & Grey are custom made to your requirements and bespoke in both powder coated colour and finish options and a choice of glazing solutions.

Get your quote for steel-look doors and windows today. Serving Surrey and the surrounding areas, we provide the best aluminium doors and windows for your home. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and arrange a free quotation on 020 8979 6367 or send a message via the Contact Form and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

Schüco Folding + Sliding Doors and Windows London

The Schüco folding/sliding system

As a proud approved installer of Schuco bifolding windows and doors system, we have experienced and expert knowledge of their quality products. Schuco has a long history of excellence in innovative folding/sliding systems and are considered the leading manufacturer for their quality German engineering. It is this experience and expertise that we believe gives Schuco the edge over other folding/sliding door products.

Call us with your ideas on 020 8979 6367 or send a message via the Contact Form and our friendly experienced team will respond promptly.

The Schuco ASS 70 FD is a market leading product in folding door technology and is considered the first choice for aluminium bifold doors when it comes to innovation and quality. The aluminium frame of the Schuco 70 series bifolding door combines a lightweight and ultra slim structure with strength and durability, creating a high quality and versatile sliding door system.

London Local Installer – Bespoke Schüco Doors and Window Installer

Our local areas are: Essex, Richmond, Kingston, Surrey and South West London regions.

Can’t wait? Download our e-brochure instantly. We are proud to be an independent company founded in 2014 with a strong professional work ethic and outstanding client care.

Features and Benefits of Schuco folding/sliding system

  • Narrow face widths from 120 mm (Standardfold)
  • Suitable for use in public and residential property
  • Can also be used for balcony glazing
  • Watertightness up to class 9A in accordance with DIN EN 12208
  • Units can be moved to the right, to the left, inwards or outwards, as required
  • Wide choice of colours, different colours inside and outside
  • Up to sound reduction class 4, depending on the glazing
  • Glazing thickness of 6 – 45 mm

Aluminium Framed Glazing with Thermal Breaks for Cooling

What does thermally broken actually mean?

In order to combat heat loss through the outer frame of an aluminium window, thermal breaks immediately solve this insulation problem, saving energy costs and keeping properties at a comfortable room temperature all year round.

It is said that thermal barriers conduct up to 1,000 times less heat than aluminium, transforming the thermal performance of folding windows and doors in the home and the workplace.

Bespoke Aluminium Glazing Design – Preventing heat loss and condensation

The last thing you want is a non-thermally broken aluminium frame as it transmits heat and cold very efficiently. As a result, if the external temperature can control the frame it not only creates a window or door that would be a significant heat loss area for your property, it also creates the potential for troublesome condensation.

One of the other interesting side effects of thermal breaks is that it can make your glass more soundproof, dampening the vibrations between the inner and outer frame.

Significant improvements in bespoke aluminium glazing design and manufacturing have recently made the thermal break process for windows and doors much more effective.

Aluminium Frame Sections – Made to Measure Designs, Manufacture and Fitting in London

Aluminium frame sections are now manufactured in two halves and are designed to fit together. The thermal break features a high-strength polyamide which is poured into a channel between the inside and outside faces of the window extrusions.

When the polymer has set hard, the aluminium that formed the channel is removed leaving just the insulating polymer. This acts as a highly effective thermal insulator, blocking the transfer of hot and cold energy within the frame.

There are aesthetic implications too. Previously, choosing different colours on the internal and external edges of aluminium glass complicated the process and also increased costs.

But now, each half of the frame can be painted separately and then easily joined on either side of the thermal break. Subsequently, dual colour options are much easier and cost-effective, enabling you to complement interior décor and external property features.

Who can you trust?

Unfortunately, not all companies in the aluminium glazing market will offer this. For a window or door to be truly thermally broken by today’s high standards, you must look for polyamide sections dividing all materials which sit between the interior and exterior of your building.

At Urban & Grey a great deal of our bespoke aluminium glazing systems are thermally broken, offering stunning sightlines and the ultimate thermal efficiency. Why not request a brochure for our full selection of bifold doors, sliding doors, windows, roof lights, fixed frameless glazing and so much more.

Horizontal and vertical curtain walling – Commercial and Industrial

Curtain wall systems can be custom-made and manufactured, although ‘off-the-shelf’ proprietary solutions can also be purchased. It’s possible to choose from both horizontal and vertical curtain walling which works well for both domestic and commercial projects.

Multiple glazing treatments are available for horizontal and vertical curtain walling; including transparent, translucent and opaque glass – or varying degrees thereof.

As curtain walls are non-structural, they can be made of lightweight material which greatly minimises overall construction costs. Generally, curtain walls are designed to be fitted within extruded aluminium members as their strength and stability meet all the necessary demands to support large glass areas to encourage abundant levels of natural light to enter a property.

Interior Glazed Doors London Domestic Glass Room Dividers Supplied Fitted Home Zones Made to Measure Company Bespoke Designs

An increasingly popular method of glazing that’s equipped to enhance the living and working environments of residential and commercial properties, curtain walling is primarily used to create dramatic, attractive facades that allow maximum levels of natural daylight into small or large multi-storey buildings.

This solution is non-structural, which differs from many forms of traditional construction where all external walls are an integral aspect of a building’s primary structure.

Able to support their own weight

These bespoke glass living areas simply support their own weight and any loads imposed upon them, such as seismic or wind-related.

Did you know that curtain walling systems have been commonplace since the early 1930s? In fact, they first emerged on the scene as early as the 19th century with the advent of large glass panels.

Aluminium Framed Glazing with Thermal breaks

In comparison with other building components, aluminium has a high heat transfer coefficient, which makes it a very good conductor of heat. However, this can translate into considerable heat loss through aluminium curtain wall mullions if there are no thermal breaks fitted to compensate.

Put simply, thermal breaks work as a barrier between exterior and interior metal and are often made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

The thermal breaks can greatly minimise the thermal conductivity of a curtain wall. Take our Swiss-engineered Supersun100 system for instance; which is designed to exceed guidelines on thermal efficiency for aluminium glazing with an extensively insulated cavity allowing us to deliver an uncompromised vision of light and spaciousness for our customers time and again.

State-of-the-art aesthetics

Our curtain walling includes a host of aesthetic benefits as well as industry-leading technical performance. Our toughened, laminated double glazed Low-E Supertherm80 units are available with self-cleaning and solar control glass as optional extras; while the frames are available in a host of colours that can be customised to show different colours inside and out based on the individual technical requirements of our customers.


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