Pivot doors – the latest outstanding range from Urban & Grey

No two homes are the same. Yours is a representation of who you are. It’s the place where you’ve built a life.

If you’ve worked hard to build a home, why would you want an identikit front door? You want style and sophistication, but also a spark of individuality.

These new pivot doors are an outstanding addition to our catalogue and will give the front of your property a wholly unique look.

As the name suggests, they open and close via a pivot installed beneath the door. So, when the door is fully open, it offers perhaps the cleanest transition between rooms (or between inside and outside) that you’ll see anywhere.

What are the benefits of pivot doors?

Pivot doors offer real stability. The support of the pivot at the base of the frame gives the door a strength that you won’t find in most standard side-hanging doors. If the door itself is one of the heavier models out there the pivot will be strengthened to take this into account.

Indeed, a pivot install is one of the most effective ways to keep a solid, heavy door stable.

  • Pivot doors are convenient. They’re one of the only doors on the market to not require a proper frame installing. Because the door pivots rather than swinging, the process of opening and closing it is much easier.
  • Pivot doors need less clearance space. If you’ve got a smaller room that doesn’t quite have the room for an open side-hinged door, then a pivot door could be a great option: they need less room to open.
  • Pivot doors look great. There’s no denying this one! Pivot doors have a quite unique aesthetic that can really add to the right room. When used internally, they can be kept open in order to add the impression of space and when closed their lines are less obtrusive: this leads to a much cleaner looking space.

What’s more, our pivot doors come with an integrated hold open and soft close capability. Didn’t think that opening and closing your door could get much easier? Think again.

The perfect, stunning view

Perhaps the biggest advantage of our pivot door system is the amount of open space allowed in the designs. With three metres the maximum width for a single leaf, you can be sure of enjoying the most panoramic views of your surroundings.

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