Everything you ever wanted to know about aluminium windows

At Urban & Grey, we pride ourselves on offering some of the finest windows and doors available today. If you’ve spent time browsing our product catalogue, you’ll know that many of our best products make use of aluminium framing.

But what does this really mean for you, as our customer? What are the benefits of using aluminium? Hopefully, this guide should help you understand more of the benefits:

Far less framework

Aluminium is a seriously tough material; tough enough that you don’t need as much of it when constructing frames for doors and windows. As such, any frames that use them offer a more panoramic view of the outdoors: you’ll be able to use larger glass panes that offer a better perspective of your garden and the surrounding areas.
Indeed, some of our frames are small enough that you’ll almost forget they’re there! What’s more, you can enjoy the views safe in the knowledge that the window’s support is just as strong as it would be if another material had been used for the frame.

Durability and resistance

Aluminium frames are seriously tough: there’s a reason the metal’s used for in building projects across the world! We’re not saying that UPVC or PVCU frames aren’t tough – they can easily last for 15-20 years and we’d definitely recommend them in the case of certain projects – but they can’t compare to aluminium.

Frames that use aluminium as the base can easily last for 20-30 years and they’re far less likely to suffer from weather damage. No warping, no rotting and far less chance of suffering any dents.

In terms of toughness, it’s hard to beat aluminium.

They’re versatile and flexible

One of the more under-estimated characteristics of the metal is how many styles of design it can be tailored to suit. It’s easy to change both the internal and external colours, and aluminium can be adjusted to slot into any style of building.

Though it was initially used more in commercial projects, these characteristics have made aluminium more and more popular in domestic projects over the past few years.

It’s very energy efficient

Though aluminium always worked effectively, the introduction of polyamide technology has massively increased its capabilities in terms of thermal performance. If you’re looking to keep a lid on energy bills, then aluminium frames are a great option. Windows in particular can really increase performance in heat gain and loss: indeed, combining them with a heat break can lead to gains of as much as 60 per cent.

It’s as ‘green’ as any material out there

Aluminium is one of the world’s fully sustainable products, being 100 per cent recyclable and non-toxic. What’s more, it leaves a minimal ecological footprint and recycling it requires just five per cent of the initial energy use to create it in the first place: if you want your home to do more for the environment, then aluminium frames are worth your consideration.

They’re seriously safe

Aluminium frames are tough. We’ve already mentioned the strength of the metal and this translates well to the security of your home: it’s simply a much harder material to manipulate and when combined with resistant glazing, you’ll be able to enjoy real peace of mind.

It offers great value for money

All of these great characteristics might make you think that aluminium frames are going to be more expensive, but that’s actually not the case. Indeed, in many situations it’ll be one of the most economical options.

This will vary, of course, depending on the project and you should take the time to get a quote from a professional manufacturer. However, you may find that aluminium doors and windows are a lot more budget-friendly than you think.

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