Looking to replace your French doors? You might want something a little different to complement your living space.

The limitations of French Doors

There are certainly drawbacks to French doors. For those who already own them you’ll be all too aware of the space considerations. If you want to leave your doors open to enjoy the fresh air and natural light, French doors can take up valuable living space; minimising floor space that can be used to house furniture.

Alternative – The Bi Fold Door

At Urban & Grey, we believe the very best alternatives to French doors are the bi-fold kind. When folding doors are opened they create a much more expansive living space, and when left shut they allow for greater light ingress and much more impressive external views.

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The real beauty of bifold doors though, is that they marry your home’s interior with the outside, allowing you to enjoy all the best bits of your home at once.

On a wonderfully sunny day, you can unlock your folding doors and simply slide the panels out of the way; instantly creating a relaxing ambience you just can’t create with traditional French doors.

Bifold Doors and Thermal Efficiency

On a winter’s day, bifold doors are designed to keep the outside, outside. With our sophisticated Supertherm80 folding doors, a combination of thermal breaks and insulation allow this system to reach impressive levels of thermal efficiency to minimise heat loss.

These bespoke aluminium bifold doors can be purchased using endless configurations and flush thresholds for unlimited design solutions combined with high-quality Swiss engineering.

ThermoSlide 80

Meet the Thermoslide80

At Urban & Grey, we’re also championing a new generation of sliding door system, the Thermoslide80. This combination of thermally broken and insulated aluminium profiles offers market-leading thermal performance and, along with large glass panels that can be moved effortlessly for panoramic views and clear lines, it has the following options:

  • Double and triple glazed options available
  • In-glazed blinds on request
  • A wide range of finishes and colours that can be selected internally and externally depending on your lifestyle requirements

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