Crittall Steel Alternative Aluminium Colour Window Frames Aluminium London Paint Alternative Powder Coated Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

Colour Aluminium Windows London Powder Coated

What is a powder coated aluminium window?

A powder coated aluminium window simply refers to the finishing or colouring process, in which polyester powder is used. Usually, the window will have a variety of cleaning and pre-treatment processes performed on it first, then the powder is applied.

Coloured Aluminium Window Frames and Bifold Doors

The polyester powder comes in an expansive range of colours, shades and textures, making powder coated aluminium windows and bifold doors highly versatile.

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Colour Window Frames Aluminium London Paint Alternative Powder Coated Photo by Craig Whitehead on UnsplashDurable Long Lasting Heat Cured Colour Finish

After the initial preparation process, the aluminium will be coloured by putting it in a special booth. In here, the aluminium extrusions will become electrically charged and the powder will be sprayed on. This charge will attract the powder in order for it to stick to the surface. After this, they will be placed in a specialist oven that will cure the paint and make the finish long lasting.

Why choose powder coated aluminium window frames

Compared to PVCu windows, aluminium windows have higher quality in colour, in not only richness but also in depth and sheen.

This higher quality finish is visible in not only in the hundreds of colours but also in white. There are also different appearances that can be chosen, such as metallic, wood effect, textured and many more.

The coating technique we use for aluminium windows has multiple benefits. Using our technique allows the coating to reach every crevice of the surface, even ones which may seem invisible to the eye, unlike the foiling techniques in PVCu windows which are often limited in how much they are able to coat.

Alternative To Paint – Benefits of Powder Coating

  • Highly resilient making them ideal for harsh environments, such as in chlorine, where additional protection is needed

  • Ideal for locations where the air contains higher salt concentrations, such as by the seaside

  • Long lasting guarantees for up to 40 years

  • More durable and offer better protection to hostile weather


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