London Aluminium Bifold Doors Qualities

Aluminium frames are the most popular choice of bifold doors for many qualities; they’re long-lasting, low-maintenance and slim. This makes them perfect for not just business sites but also for the home due to their refined finish and durability.

Benefits – Enhanced Aesthetics of Aluminium Frames

Bifold aluminium frame features:

  • The frames are slimmer than other alternatives, such as timber or UPVC
  • A slimmer frame means that bigger glass panels can be used
  • Larger glass panels allow maximum natural light and air into the room
  • Large panel bifold doors are especially at an extra advantage when used ground floor layouts leading onto a garden for example

Bespoke Aluminium Bifold Doors in London

Uraban and Grey bifold door frames in aluminium are easily be customised to suit your individual needs:

Made To Measure Blinds and 200 Frame Colours

We have a range of add-ons to complement your bespoke aluminium bifold doors, such as integral blinds, different frame colours and types of glass (of which we have double and triple glazing and stained glass).

Choice Of Frames and Colours – Want to Learn More?

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Slim Profile Aluminium Frames

The malleable yet durable nature of aluminium means that they are the slimmest choice for bifold doors which provides maximum visibility, whilst still providing support, strength and security. The sleek design will give a current and modern look.

Highly durable

Aluminium is a highly resistant material, thus it will never corrode, discolour or rust once powder-coated. This means that wood-grain aluminium frames will have the same rustic look as their natural counterparts, but at a fraction of the hassle.
The chemical properties of aluminium mean that it doesn’t require a protective layer of paint to prevent rust or any warping, which makes it a very practical and ideal material to use. All that’s needed is the occasional rinse and drop of oil to keep everything working smoothly.

Environmentally friendly

Research has shown that approximately 70% of all aluminium that has ever been produced is still in use today. This is great as it saves the environment, and recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed when produced from raw materials, resulting in fewer carbon emissions hurting our atmosphere.

Safety points for the handles, locks and hinges

Aluminium frames are sturdy enough to withhold the weight of large glass panes (in proportion to the size of the frame) without affecting any qualities of the doors. This means that they’re ideal in conservatories, for example, along entire walls without the safety or strength of the walls being sacrificed. Additional security is given by the fixing and attaching points for the handles, locks and hinges.

Longevity and Durability of Polyamide

Thanks to the latest polyamide research, our modern technology means that our aluminium is stronger and more heat resistant than ever before; it’s non-porous, non-corroding and more durable than previous models. Modern aluminium bifold doors can look good for years, whilst still preserving its thermal properties.

Increase Equity –  Add Value to Your Property

Due to aluminium’s long lasting nature, installing our bifold doors will even increase the value of your property, making it a worthy investment. They provide a modern aesthetic and open up the house, which will draw in more potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future.


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