The impact of windows on your interior design project

Designing the perfect interior of your home is no small task, and there are a lot of factors that go into it. However, one thing that people don’t take into account as often as they should is how your windows can impact the aesthetic of the room.

(Hint: it’s more than you think!)

Here, then, is our guide on the impact windows can have on any interior design.

Natural light

Rather unsurprisingly, windows are pretty much the only thing that matters when it comes to the amount of natural light allowed to reach the room. It’s not just a matter of the size – though this is obviously important – but also the direction the windows face. For instance, rooms facing north will receive less natural light throughout the day, and as a result should be designed in a way that accentuates brightness.

Larger windows are obviously an effective way of doing this, but another option could be to install a new set of windows that are less hindered by frames. A more panoramic set of windows, for instance, can open up even the darkest room.

The mood of the room

It’s well-known that the colours of any room can impact your mood: the amount of light a window lets in directly impacts this.

How so?

Simply that the amount of natural light that comes into the room can affect the impact of its already existing colours. Even a room decked out in bright yellows and oranges could begin to look a bit drab if not lit up in the right way. The same goes for rooms decked out in blues and greys: though they are well known to be calming colours, a lack of light could easily lead to them simply looking a bit cold and depressing.

The spacing of the room

Your interior design can change the feeling of available space in a room. A whole wall mirror, for instance, is a great tactic for making smaller spaces seem a lot bigger.
What’s this got to do with windows? Simply that a new set of windows designed in the right way is another great way to give any room a more increased sense of openness. This is especially the case with larger groups of windows, or floor-to-ceiling models.

Framing the view

There aren’t many more pleasurable ways of waking up in the morning than drawing back the curtains and looking out over a perfect view of the city – or of the country! The right window can really help emphasise a great view: and a bad window can have the opposite effect.

Different opacities can lend different impressions

One of the nicest things about switching out windows is that the glass used can have a strong impact. If you’re designing a room in which you can truly relax, for instance, using glass with a mild blue taint can really help emphasise the colour scheme and – as a result – the overall feel of the space.

There are obviously more practical implications of this too: translucent glass is very common in more sophisticated bathrooms, allowing natural light to get in without affecting privacy levels. (And in this case, again, it’s worth mentioning that switching out your current Windows for those with a more panoramic view can help to increase the overall level of natural light in the home).

Nature’s own artwork

A great piece of art can provide a real centrepiece to any design. But what if you haven’t found that perfect piece?

Maybe it’s been hiding in plain sight. We’ve already mentioned how the right window can help emphasise the view from your window, but it’s also worth remembering that when framed in the right way, that view can easily form the centrepiece of the room.

One of the hallmarks of effective interior design is not over egging the pudding: you don’t have too many competing elements in place. As a result, installing a set of panoramic windows to take advantage of your view can actually save you time and effort elsewhere by acting as a centrepiece around which you can construct a more minimal aesthetic.

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