Will a skylight provide a genuine return on investment?

It’s no secret that skylights are one of the most visually pleasing upgrades you can make to a home, capable of giving any living space a real feel of prestige.

But what about the financial investment? Do skylights represent a positive ROI when it comes to money in your pocket? We’re going to take a look.

Aesthetically speaking

When looking to increase the value of your home, anything that gives your home a real ‘x-factor’ feeling is a plus. In simple terms, that’s exactly what skylights represent: an x-factor.

A high-quality skylight is one of the most impressive changes you can make to your home: indeed, anything that could potentially be more impressive is likely to be much more expensive AND need planning permission; which is something the majority of skylights don’t need.

For many home buyers, the kitchen is the key feature and the first thing they’ll look at when inspecting a property. The effective use of a skylight can do wonders for helping a kitchen feel brighter, more open and – in the end – more desirable.

Technological advancements

As with all household technology, skylights have continued to evolve over the last decade or so, with an increasing array of features being included in even the most budget-friendly models.

This technology can become – in itself – a money-saver. The ability to maintain a room’s heat can help keep a lid on utility bills in the colder months and this is something that many modern skylights can assist with. Models are now available that are capable of opening when it’s hot, closing when it’s cold and even detecting rainfall, all automatically.

(It’s worth noting the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your skylight will open or close according to the weather, and that you don’t have to worry about remembering to close it yourself should a storm catch you off guard: in itself, this is a priceless feature.)

You don’t have to sell to get a positive ROI

We’ve already mentioned the x-factor appeal that a skylight can give your home should you sell. This isn’t essential, though: a skylight can help to save you money even if you’ve got no intention of selling up.

  • Skylights can substantially cut down carbon emissions. Indeed, one study highlighted a reduction of 29 per cent in one building: a reduction owed almost entirely to skylights.
  • Skylights can help to cut down on overall energy waste, a fact that has also been proven by a number of different studies.

How do both of these factors put money in your pocket? Well, it’s simple:

If your home loses less energy, it will be cheaper to run.

Over the long-term, a high-quality skylight will save you money on your household bills. Many customers have saved thousands on their annual expenses through effective use of a skylight and have more than recouped on their investment. And that’s before taking into account the enjoyment they’ve gained from giving their kitchen or front room a real style boost.

Almost any property can become more valuable

As we mentioned above, skylight technology has become more advanced. Unlike the early days, it’s now possible to install these money-savers in a wide range of different properties, even in subterranean locations.

By breathing life and light into that previously uninhabitable basement, you can create everything from a fully usable storage space to an extra bedroom.

Find out more

If you’re interested in finding out more about how a skylight can save you money, give Urban & Grey a call today on 020 8003 6674 for specialist advice.

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