What does thermally broken actually mean?

In order to combat heat loss through the outer frame of an aluminium window, thermal breaks immediately solve this insulation problem, saving energy costs and keeping properties at a comfortable room temperature all year round.

It is said that thermal barriers conduct up to 1,000 times less heat than aluminium, transforming the thermal performance of folding windows and doors in the home and the workplace.

Preventing heat loss and condensation

The last thing you want is a non-thermally broken aluminium frame as it transmits heat and cold very efficiently. As a result, if the external temperature can control the frame it not only creates a window or door that would be a significant heat loss area for your property, it also creates the potential for troublesome condensation.

One of the other interesting side effects of thermal breaks is that it can make your glass more soundproof, dampening the vibrations between the inner and outer frame.

Significant improvements in bespoke aluminium glazing design and manufacturing have recently made the thermal break process for windows and doors much more effective.

Improved manufacture

Aluminium frame sections are now manufactured in two halves and are designed to fit together. The thermal break features a high-strength polyamide which is poured into a channel between the inside and outside faces of the window extrusions.

When the polymer has set hard, the aluminium that formed the channel is removed leaving just the insulating polymer. This acts as a highly effective thermal insulator, blocking the transfer of hot and cold energy within the frame.

There are aesthetic implications too. Previously, choosing different colours on the internal and external edges of aluminium glass complicated the process and also increased costs.

But now, each half of the frame can be painted separately and then easily joined either side of the thermal break. Subsequently dual colour options are much easier and cost-effective, enabling you to complement interior décor and external property features.

Who can you trust?

Unfortunately not all companies in the aluminium glazing market will offer this. For a window or door to be truly thermally broken by today’s high standards, you must look for polyamide sections dividing all materials which sit between the interior and exterior of your building.

At Urban & Grey a great deal of our bespoke aluminium glazing systems are thermally broken, offering stunning sightlines and the ultimate thermal efficiency. Why not request a brochure for our full selection of bifold doors, sliding doors, windows, roof lights, fixed frameless glazing and so much more.


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