Orangeries: the best way to enjoy your garden?

For centuries orangeries have been enjoyed across the world; viewed as a luxurious addition to any property, it’s a fantastic place to house tender plants, shrubs and exotic trees particularly in the harsh winters of northern Europe.

Orangeries remain very popular in rural parts of this country, giving homeowners the chance to enjoy a greater affinity with their garden and nature, as well as the bright, airy environment they provide.

While glass conservatories remain very popular with homeowners across the UK, there’s no doubt some prefer the prospect of a more solid construction in their back garden that an orangery can provide.

Whether it’s used as a wonderful family picnic area or for serious relaxation, an orangery is more stylish than a simple extension and arguably more liveable than a conservatory.

Our wide range of bespoke glass sliding doors can be the perfect addition to any garden orangery. A beautifully-designed orangery will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, guaranteeing you a room that can be utilised all year round.

All our aluminium windows and doors are built with security firmly in mind; so whether you want an orangery with double doors, sliding patio doors or bifolding doors, you can be sure they will be amongst the most secure available on the market.

A modern orangery can look truly stunning against a more traditional property, revolutionising the use of space and the garden itself.

Gone are the days of having to make do with small Georgian window panes. Fortunately, we now have the ability to offer much larger unbroken glazed surfaces of high-specification glazing, enhancing thermal performance and appearance of windows and doors.

Planning restrictions

The only planning restrictions you will encounter for your orangery will be dependent on your desired size and shape. For instance, you could opt to install bi-folding or sliding patio doors in any elevation with a solid wall adjacent, upon which lighting, furniture or pictures could be placed.

As always, check with your local council’s planning office before undergoing any construction work to avoid any potential hiccups along the way.


The roof treatment of an orangery is unique in that roof lights or skylights encourage sunlight from overhead; whilst minimising overheating with the ability to open panels manually or electronically and let in fresh air from above.

Another consideration will be the size and shape of your roof. This could determine whether you opt for a single large rooflight or perhaps two or three smaller ones dotted along the roof.

Final considerations

If you are considering utilising your orangery as a home office, consider the levels of glare on your desktop or laptop. You might require fixed room dividers to section off a working space or fit anti-glare screen protectors.

Should you choose the traditional design method of a wooden beamed orangery, it’s highly likely you will need to blend the beams in with the external façade of your existing property. Natural timber orangeries also require regular maintenance and staining to protect them from the outside elements.

Orangeries have the potential to be utilised as a family room for many years. Many families transition their dining space into their orangery due to the abundant levels of natural daylight it provides, creating a light and spacious living space for all.

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