Glass roof light London
By now you’ve probably felt the change in the air as autumn begins to fade and winter moves in. The annual cold snap can be a nightmare for homeowners trying to keep warm, which isn’t surprising given that a typical household can lose up to 10% of its generated heat through window panes and glazed...
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Replacing your windows is sometimes the wisest choice you can make as a homeowner, especially if you’re in the middle of a single-room or whole-house renovation. New windows often represent a reliable investment, helping to make your home cosier, more beautiful and more energy efficient, or a combination of the above. This guide aims to...
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atrium london hatton initial intriors office refurbishment contractors
London Hatton Atrium Natural Light Through Glass – Initial Interiors London’s popular team of office refurbishment contractors are back again with another Saffron Hill refurbishment, this time with the design and installation of a very impressive atrium to hold vertical greening and an impressive living tree as the main focal point. 67-74 Saffron hill EC1...
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