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London Hatton Atrium Natural Light Through Glass – Initial Interiors

London’s popular team of office refurbishment contractors are back again with another Saffron Hill refurbishment, this time with the design and installation of a very impressive atrium to hold vertical greening and an impressive living tree as the main focal point.

67-74 Saffron hill EC1 is located in the heart in the City of London’s diamond district Hatton Garden – an area of London that has seen significant increase in rental income over the last few years.

Bearing this in mind the owner of the property has made significant improvements to the property in the form of a two storey extension to the front of the building and a single story extension to the rear increasing the rentable square footage by more than 4000 square foot, as well as putting a new front on the building significantly improving its appearance.

Office Fit Out Contractors – New Atrium Foyer and Lighting

Over the last year we have been heavily involved in this project getting the new floor space ready for rental, as well as fitting out these areas for the new tenants as they move in.

Having carried out all this work the owner has now turned his attention to the common areas, specifically the entrance foyer with a ambitious plan to increase the appeal of the building with a new foyer layout, to include new flooring, new lighting, a desk area for the new concierge that the building now warrants.

Additionally, the property owner has planned for a central atrium feature of a live tree growing out of the floor.

Bepoke Wooden Oak Office Wall Panels, Hatton Garden London

The walls are to be clad in full height bespoke oak panels, illuminated by directional LED strip lighting concealed within channels built into the ceiling.

Ceiling Lighting Channels to Brighten The Office

Additional lighting will be supplied by lighting channels built into the ceiling, along with three chandeliers suspended from the ceiling in the atrium at the front of the foyer. A new steel framed glass entrance to the ground floor offices will be fitted to match the new building entrance.

Atrium Grow Lights and Automatic Tree Watering

A new polished concrete floor will be installed throughout the foyer and up the staircase to the atrium landing.

By far the most difficult part of the project is the installation of a tree into the foyer, a large steel container has been fitted into the floor, supported by new steels fitted into the basement, along with an automatic watering system and grow lights to substitute for sunlight.

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London Property Refurbishment Aluminium Windows and Doors

atrium london hatton initial intriors office refurbishment contractors

The chances are that if you’ve researched replacement windows and doors, you’re already aware of UPVC. This white, plastic like material continues to be used all over the world for a number of reasons. In the last few years, however, another material has been growing in popularity: aluminium.

There’s no getting around this one: aluminium is much more expensive to use indoors and windows than UPVC. One of the reasons that UPVC has become so popular, in fact, is that the development of mass production for it has kept prices fairly static since it was introduced back in the 1970s. Aluminium, on the other hand, simply can’t be manufactured in the same way because of its reliance on raw materials.

Of course, price isn’t everything: as you read further down the page you may find that the benefits of using aluminium far outweigh the potential increase in cost. It’s also worth bearing in mind that as aluminium becomes more popular, more product options will become available and prices will probably lower as a result.

Sliding Doors for Kitchen Gardens and BiFolding Doors to Expand Living Space

Urban & Grey are London specialists in aluminium framed sliding doorsbi-fold doors, aluminium windows and roof lights. Our local areas are: Essex, Richmond, Kingston, Surrey and South West London regions.

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This probably won’t surprise too many people, but aluminium is far more robust and durable than UPVC. It’s not that UPVC windows don’t have a long life – they do – but they simply can’t rival the toughness that solid metal can, especially if it’s well looked after and maintained. If you want strength and nothing else, aluminium is definitely the right choice for you.

Profile size

If you prefer your windows to look thinner and sleeker, aluminium is once again the better option here. The extra strength that it offers means that frames made using it can be made much, much thinner. In turn, this means that the glass used can be wider and more light can be encouraged into the property. As well as being visually appealing, this is actually something that can save you money on your bills in the long run.


If you’re the sort of person who values peace and quiet above all else, then you should definitely look at UPVC. The plastic construction makes it an extremely competent insulator, certainly far superior to aluminium in this regard: if you live in a noisier than average area, UPVC is definitely the material for you. Aluminium does provide some noise proofing of course, but it reverberates in a way that actually suits travelling soundwaves, so it’s not ideal and certainly the inferior option.


Both materials are actually excellent in this regard. UPVC is very reliable and constructed to be extremely difficult to break or damage. Aluminium, though, arguably offers an extra level of resistance on top of this: it is, after all, solid metal. Whichever material you use, though, you’ll be happy with the results as relates to the security of your home.

Heat insulation

In this category at least, UPVC is definitely the standout material. The plastic base makes it incredibly efficient at maintaining heat levels. You don’t have to take our word for this of course: just head out on any chilly winter day and touch a lamppost or a warehouse-style door! This doesn’t mean a high-quality aluminium door won’t maintain the heat, of course: just that it won’t do it to the level of UPVC.

Get in touch

Ultimately the right material for you will depend on what design and what type of building you’re trying to create. If you’d like help in choosing the right material for your windows, give us a call today: one of our expert team will be happy to help. Read more on London Roof Windows and Skylight installation.


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