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Crititall is often used to describe a style of black steel-framed windows, however, they originally created by Francis Henry Crittall, at Crittall Windows Ltd in 1889. They then pioneered a change from timber windows to steel, creating a truly iconic look that is now both modern and ageless.

As steel degrades over the years, the industry recommended replacement is our specialist niche – steel-look aluminium framed windows, doors and internal screens (shower screens, room dividers etc).

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Crittall Steel Look Window Design and Installation London

Crittall-style windows first arose and thus have an association with both the Modernist and Art Deco movements. They also feature in highly prominent 20th-century architecture, such as the Houses of Parliament.

Crittal Windows London Steel Frame Art Deco Design Houses of Parliament Modern Installations photo by eva-dang-EXdXLrZXS9Q-unsplash

They are still popular today thanks to the adaptations of modern Crittall, making them thermally efficient due to the multi-framed steel design. In fact, if you own a home with the original Crittall windows they can be removed and replaced with the modern versions which will then last you many more years to come.

Crittal Shower Screens and Room Dividers

Crittall is not just for windows, but can also be used to adorn the interior of properties too, most noticeably Crittall-style shower screens. These have been particularly trendy with bloggers and stylists lately, as it can unite both modern or traditional bathrooms, and give a flair of sophistication when combined with a monochromatic theme.

Crittal Internal Open Plan Glass – Natural Light

Critall Steel Windows London Frames Design Installation Shower Screens Black Room Dividers - Crittall can be used to stylishly complement open plan living, by functioning as internal dividers. This way, natural light can still travel through the entire house, whilst making it still possible to separate spaces. Minimalist and striking, Crittall steel-framed grid styled internal doors complement every other type of styles, from mid-century  and modern to retro and Victorian style, retaining their contemporary graphic steel frames feel whilst addding more than a little a hint of industrial style injected into any property.

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