How to achieve a traditional look with aluminium doors and windows

It’s no surprise that aluminium doors and windows continue to be as popular as they are. They’re tough, durable and seriously stylish.

However, many people still only associate aluminium frames with contemporary design.  Because of this, we’ve put together this guide on what makes this metal more suitable for traditional homes than you might think.


Aluminium doors and windows are far more versatile than people think. There are a number of available finish options to look at, and all of them can impact how well the material will slot into your final design.

  • Different colours. The powder coating used in most modern aluminium doors is available in over 150 colours. No matter how traditional the rest of your design, you can be sure of slotting your doors or windows into the scheme; it’s practically impossible not to find at least one colour that looks the part. (And remember that you can always get in touch if you’re unsure: we’ll be happy to help.)
  • Imitation finishes. You’re not just limited to traditional colours, of course. It’s possible to purchase aluminium frames that mimic solid wood. If you’re a fan of classic design, you’re probably also a fan of solid wood. That’s understandable; solid woods might just be the most stylish material on the market. Today’s manufacturing standards mean you can enjoy this classic internal aesthetic combined with the external toughness and durability of aluminium. Not to mention the fact that these doors and windows require far less maintenance than those made from timber.
  • Natural finishes. In the right design and in the right context, ‘plain’ metal can look absolutely superb. A good example would be a converted warehouse, where the metal is exposed in order to show its part in the original build. The result is a classic look with a contemporary feel.

Thinner frames and better views

One of the biggest benefits to aluminium frames is that they can support larger panes of glass: far larger than uPVC or timber. This can hugely benefit a traditional design. Why? Because frames are often the most intrusive part of any window or door design.

For example, let’s say you’ve got a classic living room and need a new set of windows. The last thing you want is a thick uPVC frame; it’ll look seriously out-of-place. (The same principle would apply if you tried to put an old-fashioned wooden frame into a stark contemporary design.)

Aluminium, on the other hand, can support wider, more panoramic view in a frame that’s almost invisible. Even if the frame did slightly contradict the rest of the design – and with the versatility of finish, it doesn’t have to – the effect would be so minimal that you probably wouldn’t even notice.

It’s also worth noting that the wider, more panoramic views work with almost any internal decoration.  For a great example, take a look at any ‘log cabin’ style holiday resort.  Log cabins are nearly always decorated to look traditional, but they’ll often combine this feel with wide, panoramic windows designed to maximise views of the local area.

Glazing style

One of the benefits of is the wide range of glazing options. The right glazing can make a world of difference to any home.  Those wide panoramic views we’ve already mentioned? Well, imagine installing them in a traditional Georgian country house; they’d look incredibly out of place.

Take the same quality frame and glass, however, and deploy it in a smaller-pane design, and the window will slot in perfectly.

Flexibility is key: if you work with an experience bespoke designer, you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of aluminium construction combined with the aesthetic your home deserves.

At Urban & Grey, we regularly work with customers to ensure that they get all the benefits of aluminium doors and windows in a design that perfectly fits even the most traditional home.

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