Aluminium door security: The facts

Aluminium doors are both stylish and durable; it’s no surprise they remain as popular as ever with our customers.

But are they secure?

The quick answer is yes, very.  However, for anyone seeking more information, we’re going to take a look at what makes aluminium doors and windows such a great choice for your home.


We’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but it’s worth re-emphasising: aluminium is one of the strongest materials used in door and window manufacturing.

Some people might see a slender frame and assume that it’s weaker as a result. Wrong! In fact, it’s an indication of just how tough the material is. If aluminium was weak, it simply wouldn’t be able to support large panes of glass.

Aluminium is as strong as door and window frame materials get.

Quality manufacturing makes the difference

At Urban & Grey, we work with the very finest manufacturers in the world. Internationally recognised brands like Reynaers, Sunsquare and Sunparadise got where they are for a reason: they’re the best.

While we can’t speak for cheaper aluminium products, at Urban & Grey you’ll get doors manufactured to the highest standards, and that means vigorous security testing.

Examples of tests

In order to meet the relevant standards, all aluminium windows must undergo testing before being signed off as complete.  These tests are stringent, and may include:

  • In which the testers manually attempt to open the window within a set time frame, using the same tools and techniques that a burglar might. If the window cannot be opened in that time, it will pass the test.
  • Manual glazing removal. In this test, a number of key tools are used to try and remove panes of glass from the frame. Again, this takes place in a set time period, and the window will be deemed to have ‘passed’ if the frame can’t be removed within that time.
  • Mechanical glazing removal. A set weight load will be applied to each corner of the glazing in order to check if it can be breached. There is not usually a time limit in this test: the weight either will or won’t cause a breach; essentially, the test is either pass or fail.

Other tests may also be carried out.  The aim is, of course, to ensure that the doors can endure the sort of treatment they’d receive from anyone trying to break into your home.

Certified security

In the UK, there are a number of standards aluminium doors can be judged against, with one in particular key: PAS 24:12.

PAS 24:12

This is a standard form of accreditation which is issued to aluminium door manufacturers – like Urban & Grey – by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

The UKAS is responsible for testing to ensure our doors meet PAS 24:12, which is a recognised standard focused on security performance.

What does it mean? Simply that these doors are safer than the average issued model and possess the strength and durability require to put off opportunistic burglars.

The testing process is simple: we submit our doors and windows to the UKAS, who then carry out a range of different checks and test to ensure they’re satisfied construction has been completed to the necessary standards.

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