Door types – the complete guide

There are a lot of things to consider when picking out the perfect set of doors for your home, but the most obvious – and probably the most important – is which of the many door types will best suit your needs.

Because of this – and because we know that many of our customers will be first-timers – we’re going to use this piece to go through the different variations, and how they may (or may not) suit the needs of your home improvement project.

Side-hung doors

Even if you’re not too experienced when picking out doors, you’ll definitely have seen side-hung models before. They’re the most common model on the market: fixed on one side with a frame often wrapped around a pane of glass. We’d estimated that at least half the houses in Britain have a side-hung front or back door.

These doors can be installed to open either outwards or inwards, with the latter usually set to lock automatically when closed.

Of course, it’s all about choosing a model of real quality when picking a door that’s more traditional. As with all doors, the right side-hung model will lend an air of class and sophistication to your home. Our Thermoelite front doors are a great example.

Sliding doors

Traditional sliding doors usually consist of six or seven panels in order to really open up the wall they’re installed in. Sliding doors require less frame to be stable and as a result they can offer a far more panoramic view than many competing models.

Sliding doors come with a wide number of customisation models, making them suitable for multiple projects. Traditional slides, life-and-slides and title-slides are all freely available and found in many homes within the UK. Our Hi-Finity doors, for instance, offer a stunning wall-to-wall, floor-to-floor ceiling aesthetic.

At Urban & Grey, we stock a wide range of outstanding sliding doors, from the ever popular Urban Glide 22 to the Hifinity range.

Bi-fold doors

Otherwise as folding-sliding doors, bi-fold doors have been growing in popularity in the last few years. Bi-fold aluminium doors in particular have been picked out by more and more customers looking to take advantage of the longer summers in the UK.

The ability to open and close in a concertina style means these doors can let in plenty of fresh air in the warm weather. What’s more, they also take up much less space when open than some of the other varieties.

Pivot Doors

Perhaps the most unique variety on the market, you’ll often find pivot doors in more expensive properties. The wider door leafs make them particularly suitable for more open, contemporary homes. The threshold is usually installed flush to the floor, making them particularly suitable to interior use, such as in the divide between a bedroom and a living room, or between the conservatory and the kitchen. Pivot doors can be used externally, but the flush install does mean they can offer less weather resistance.

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