Glass roof light London
By now you’ve probably felt the change in the air as autumn begins to fade and winter moves in. The annual cold snap can be a nightmare for homeowners trying to keep warm, which isn’t surprising given that a typical household can lose up to 10% of its generated heat through window panes and glazed...
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So you’ve decided you’re going to repaint your doors or windows, or maybe even both. Whether it’s because you’ve never quite warmed to the colour of your existing aluminium window frame or you’re feeling like an adventurous change of style, you’re determined to avoid hiring any outside specialists and do the job yourself. Painting aluminium...
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Replacing your windows is sometimes the wisest choice you can make as a homeowner, especially if you’re in the middle of a single-room or whole-house renovation. New windows often represent a reliable investment, helping to make your home cosier, more beautiful and more energy efficient, or a combination of the above. This guide aims to...
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