Skylight, Rooflight or Sky Lantern – Glass and Aluminium

If you are a little confused about the various terms in regards to ’Rooflight or Skylight and what is the best option for you, then don’t worry. You certainly won’t be the first person to be a little confused. The fact is, there is little or even no difference between the meanings of these terms. It has just so happened that, over time, these different terms have become popular alternatives for what is essentially one of the same things. On many websites, you will be able to see the different terms being used frequently. The main reason is many people use different search terms when, really, they are searching for the same product. Whether you call it a roof light, sky lantern or skylight, the aim remains the same: to maximise the natural light levels (and in the cases of non-fixed models – the ventilation too) coming into a room or living space.

Here at Urban and Grey in London we specialise in all types. Hopefully the below descriptions can help you make your decision. If you require further assistance and want to talk through the various options and ranges with an expert advisor, please do contact us.

Rooflight – Flat Roof Natural Daylight Benefits

Rooflights now tend to refer to products fitted within a flat roof, or even installed on an flat roof or where installed on a pitched roof it is likely to be fitted ‘out of plane’ with the level of the tiling.


Rooflights are also commonly installed using an upstand or kerb system that support the actual product and act as the surface for any weathering to be fixed to; on most flat roof systems, the upstand will provide enough height to make sure that the rooflight remains watertight. The rooflight is quite often installed at a certain height that can maintain any guarantees of weatherproofing.

Skylight – Pitched or Sloping Roofing – Bespoke Glazed

A skylight refers commonly to products that are installed onto traditional pitched roofs, as well as larger bespoke glazed units designed to be fitted on flat roofs and terraces, such as glass box extensions.

It’s a generic term that can sometimes confuse consumers, since the products it refers to may differ quite drastically in terms of the scale and function with application.

Electric Mechanism Features on Aluminium Sky Lanterns

Skylights installed onto flat roofs are quite different to those fitted onto pitched roofs. These are capable of being fitted with electric motors for mechanical opening to offer much needed ventilation to interiors as well as roof the access in some instances.

Customers are really spoiled for choice regarding types of skylight. There is a large degree of customisation on offer, with flexible design of skylights – able to be bespoke designed and manufactured to your specific requirements – providing a big advantage in the amount of applications available.

Eco Benefits of Skylights and Rooflights in London

Both skylights/rooflights offer a range of benefits making them worth every consideration by property owners and Architects. Their continued growth in popularity is attributable not just a fanatic design impact they offer, but also to practical aspects including cost savings and eco-friendly benefits. Urban and Grey offer a wide range of high-quality, products that are manufactured according to the highest standards in terms of efficiency, safety and security.

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