Home Renovation- Invest in Aluminium Doors and Windows

At Urban and grey we are experienced in home renovation projects in London, as many of our customers have required our bespoke ranges of aluminium bifolding doors, sliding doors and roof lights in London. We have put together a top 4 tips list to help you take into account when considering this kind of venture.

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What materials for my project should I choose?

From the start, you should plan to use materials that work with your current home design and style – don’t choose materials as an afterthought or purely because they are on offer. Look into material that blend or compliment your current home style As a note if you are going to use varying materials, the solution has to be use high quality throughout to give the home a excellent finish.

What is the purpose of the extension?

A question most people think they know the answer too, however there tend to be more answers to this question than space and budget will allow so compromise is generally required or a really good architect will work hard with you to achieve your dream renovation.

Whether you’re a young couple in the early stages of living together or a family of five whom have lived in the same home for many years, for each person within that home will require a different and varied outcome of the space. For one person it may be a tranquil environment to return to after a hard days work and for others it may be a social environment to host friends and family for a gathering. Therefore make sure you consider who will use this space, when it will be used and what it will be used for.

Plan out your budget

This might sound a simple step towards making your dream reality but it’s common to overspend on even the smallest projects. You should be mindful of your overall budget throughout the project. Try keeping quality as high as possible and create a space that you can grow into for years to come. Be wary that it is better to part-finish an renovation and complete it at a later date, rather than finish with inferior standards of fittings and finish.

Use Experts
Renovation work, particularly work on kitchen and bathrooms extensions, can involve reconfiguring a property’s connection to utilities, such as the water mains and waste. It is therefore important that all work of this nature, as with all the construction work, should only ever be undertaken by professionally-qualified engineers, and not left in the hands of amateurs.


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