Why Choose Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors in London?

At Urban and grey we are experienced in home renovation projects in London, as many of our customers have required our bespoke ranges of aluminium bifolding doors, sliding doors and roof lights in London.

So we have decided to share 5 reasons why aluminium bifolding doors are a great choice when compared to alternatives such as uPVC or timber. Aluminium was only discovered around 200 years ago, yet its uses today are seemingly endless, and with good reason.

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1. Increase in strength

Aluminium is a great choice for bifold doors because it is much stronger than PVC or timber frames, making these frames more durable and last longer.

2. Slimline Frame

The increased strength of aluminium means that the bifold doors can be manufactured with a slimline frame alternative to PVC or timber frames. The advantage of this is that it allows you to see more through your doors and also allows more natural light into your home.

3. Lasting Colour – No Fade or Rust

Unlike timber or PVC, aluminium does not discolour or rust once it has been coated. This gives your bifold aluminium doors a longer lasting finish, whereas timer, for will need to be repainted during its lifespan. If you desire, you can colour aluminium to give it a more realistic natural looking timber effect.

4. Environmentally friendly – Easily Recycled

Aluminium bifold doors are also a very environmentally friendly. Unlike timber and some forms of older uPVC, aluminium can be easily recycled. Which is better for the environment.

5. It’s easy to maintain – All You Need Is A Cloth!

Aluminium bifold doors requires just the occasional wipe down and are incredibly easy to maintain, making them a great alternative to time-consuming, maintenance heavy timber bifolds.


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