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At Urban & Grey we believe firmly in the quality and sustainability of aluminium window and door solutions for our customers. We believe that Schuco bifolds are one of the most prestigious names in bifolding doors. They offer a number of advantages over other aluminium bifolds, not least because they can be completely customised to suit the design of your home.

Schuco bifold doors come with a range of unique features as standard:

  • Some of the largest glazed panels on the market – up to 3 metres in height – allow you to make the most of outside views and flood your home with natural light.
  • Slim frames – just 120mm where the doors meet – and a range of threshold options give uninterrupted views and create a seamless connection between your home and the outside.
  • Thermally insulated panels keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Burglar resistant frames providing home and business safety all year round.

Schuco Sliding Doors Bifold Superior Precision Engineering

Schuco sliding doors are precision engineered to be effortless to open and close and to stand the test of time.

London Bespoke Schuco Sliding Doors – Replacements and New Installs

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Schuco Doors London Bifold Double Glazed Patio Conservatory Replacement Door Garden External Internal Home CommercialSchuco Folding and Sliding Doors


Sophisticated hardware makes Schuco bifolds easy to open, slide and fold, no matter what their size. The weight is taken at the bottom of the doors and, at the top, a series of guides, hidden in the frame, keep the doors level and provide support to  aid the opening, sliding and folding action.

Triple Action Manufactured Solid Door Handles


A Schuco bifolding door comes with a number of handles, each of which has a specific function for locking, unlocking and folding the doors:

Schuco bifold door lever handle

The lever handle, found on the main door, functions as both the main door handle and a latching point for the main locking door on a bifolding door set. An advantage of this design is that this door can be used just like a regular door while the other panels remain fixed.

The lever handles are designed in a contemporary style and come in multiple colours, including white, black, satin silver and stainless steel.

Schuco bifolding door slave handle

Shootbolt handles disengage the intermediate folding leaves and unlock them ready to slide and fold. The number of these will depend on the total number of panels in the design.

These intermediate door handles come in a choice of white, black, and satin silver.

The schuco pull handle

The pull handle is found above the Shootbolt handle and is designed to pull the intermediate leaves together as you close the door, preventing you from using the shootbolt handle as a door pull.

The pull handle is slim and discreet and is also available in white, black and satin silver.


Built with high-grade metals and quality components, and fully customisable, Schuco bifolds are an ideal way to transform your home. Designed to last, they can be relied upon for years to come to be easy to open, slide and fold every time.


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