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Made To Measure Internal Aluminium Folding Doors London

Our Internal glass pivot doors are the ideal solution to create a unique design statement, the most popular door system is made with a minimal anodized aluminium frame, available in 4 colours. The frame can be fitted with 6 or 8 mm thick tempered glass. We advise the use of 6 mm minimum tempered glass due to its overall weight and strength advantage.

With the technology of its Stealth Pivot pivoting hinge, no unsightly fixtures are visible after installation and this makes the panels appear as if they are floating on air. The hinge, which makes it possible to create the pivot doors up to 150 kg, features a high-tech comfort closure that works in all swing directions up to 360°. It is a true meeting point of industrial style and practical interiors and would make a dramatic and appealing feature in your home.

Surrey Made To Measure Internal Aluminium Sliding Doors

The hinges can be custom made and are designed for ease of installation, meaning you are able to install all their products without the need to employ a fitter, making them a cut above the rest in terms of door and divider solutions. The Stealth Pivot is designed to be mounted on an already installed floor and under a solid or reinforced ceiling surface, without any pre-installed mounting systems. Installation is therefore easy, and possible in both new as existing projects, with a minimum anchoring consisting of only two bolts implanted to ± 4.5 cm in depth.

This offers fantastic room dividing options, and when used with a glass door nothing will be taken away from the space. They would fit perfectly in open-plan living spaces and properties with high ceilings, to create division between the various areas in your home, but without physically carving up the room space.

Internal Glass Pivot Doors London and Surrey – Aluminium Frames with Invisible Hinges

These glass doors with an innovative invisible pivot hinge system are designed to create timeless, visual masterpieces that integrate seamlessly in any interior style.

We can’t express enough how truly amazing these pivoting doors and room dividers are. Check out our Project Gallery images to get inspiration for your next project. Glass pivot doors room dividers are essentially a modern approach on the all-time favourite glass door between the entrance and living area in modern living spaces.

Traditional glass doors are usually created with visible floor sprung systems that use a box that has to be integrated and built-in before the floor and ceiling is finished. All Glass pivot doors systems are designed with an ultra-compact invisible hinge system that doesn’t require any built-in parts before installation. The hinge is either integrated inside the minimal aluminium frame for “steel inspired” glass doors or inside the compact glass patch fitting.

With this ingenious approach, these Glass pivot doors can be installed in both new and existing constructions!

The doorway opening has to be fully finished = floor + the inside of the doorway. Afterwards, the glass door is fully made to measure and is installed by 2 screws and bolts (4.5 cm) directly onto the finished solid surface. In the case of drywall, the ceiling has to be reinforced with wood behind the drywall application.

Glass pivot doors systems is an aluminium framed glass pivot door, made from anodized aluminium and 6 or 8 mm of tempered safety glass. The optional decorative grids are placed on top of the glass and are available in both 15 and 30 mm to create any imaginable grid design.

Glass pivot doors systems consist of a minimal anodized aluminium glass patch fitting that can be fitted with any kind of 10 mm thick tempered safety glass.

The glass pivot doors are equipped with Stealth hinge systems, which feature a self-closing mechanism, that works in all swing directions up to 360°.

These innovative hinges make it possible to create pivot doors up to 150 kg, that feel as light as a feather.


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