Aluminium Bifold Doors London Installations and Bespoke Designs

At Urban & Grey all our bi-folding doors are manufactured in Great Britain and made from premium grade aluminium, this is an expertly crafted door system, perfect for any type of home. In a new build, an extension or an older period property, the doors’ expansive glass panels give you an uninterrupted, wide-screen view of the outdoors.

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If you want a seamless link between indoors and outdoors, our bi-folds provide a weathered threshold that can be sunk into the floor with a small lip to ensure a weather-tight seal. So no matter whatever the weather in the south-east of England, you can be assured of a dry floor! Non-weathered thresholds, which are completely flush with the floor, should be used only on interior doors because they offer less protection against the elements.

All our doors go through rigorous quality testing at every stage of the manufacturing process, to reassure you that you are making a choice that is truly built to last. Our Bi-folding Doors doors are supplied with the highest quality features and components – and an industry-leading 20-year guarantee with every installation by our expert team.

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Home Investment – Add value and security to your property

Installing aluminium bifold doors will add extra value to your property, should you decide to sell – aluminium’s longevity will ensure that you’re making a sound investment. Having interior bifold doors provides more space and opens up the house, while exterior doors make your property stand out from the rest – attracting more viewers if you put it on the market.

You need to feel secure in your own home – our Bi-folding Doors don’t just meet the latest security standards, they exceed them. The doors come with a unique eight-point locking system, as well as heavy-duty zinc hinges and a cylinder lock. Both are designed to resist even the most determined would-be intruder.

Made to Measure with Custom Colour Frames – 200 Colours

You may be satisfied with a contemporary black, white or grey door. Your taste might be more adventurous. With the our Bi-folding Doors, you have the choice of more than 150 RAL colours plus a selection of stock colours, which means you can create a door frame with coloured durable surface coating in a choice of 200 colours that complement both the interior and exterior style of your home.

We understand that investing in your home is a deeply personal choice. So it’s important that you are reassured that you can work with us to create a finish that is ideal for you. At every step of the process, from concept to delivery, will work with you to deliver a truly customised aluminium bi-fold doors installation that you will enjoy for years.

Low Maintenance and Lower Your Property Heating Bills

The sophisticated weather-tight seals ensure your home is resistant to the extremes of the south east of England climate, as well as keeping your energy bills low. Your home will stay bright and cool in summer, warm and cosy in winter, allowing you to enjoy every room regardless of the season.

Our bi-fold doors allow you to enjoy the view and space they create without the worry of time-consuming or costly maintenance. While wooden or uPVC doors might expand and contract in certain weather, our premium aluminium frames do not have this problem. And the powder-coated finish means there is no need to touch up fading paintwork.

Aluminium Bifold Doors – Enhancing the appearance

Aluminium frames are a popular bifold door option as they are slim, durable and low in maintenance. Modern aluminium frames are ideal for both residential and business premises alike; with benefits that can be divided into strength, aesthetics and longevity.

Aluminium frames are generally slimmer than timber or UPVC frames, enabling larger panes of glass to be used – letting in more light and giving a wider view of the garden. This is particularly beneficial when used in larger bi-folding door configurations.

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Bespoke Aluminium Bifold Doors and Windows

Aluminium frames can be customised to reflect the colour, finish and size of your selection. The configurations enable you to choose door leafs, with individual sash widths and outward or inward opening options. Gone are the days when the brushed aluminium look was the only option, as they can now be manufactured in a huge range of colours – including many realistic and popular wood grain finishes.

Bifold Doors Extras: Slimline profile, durable and long lasting – Environmentally friendly

Aluminium bifold doors come with a number of optional extras such as integral blinds, different types of glass and different frame colours. You can also choose from double glazing, triple glazing, solar control and even stained glass.

Thanks to its durability, aluminium offers a slimmer option for bi-fold doors that affords maximum visibility, while at the same time providing strength and security. This creates a contemporary, modern look and feel.

With a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing finish; aluminium will never discolour, peel or rust once it’s been powder-coated. When aluminium frames are coloured to produce a timber effect, you can enjoy the natural beauty of wood but with less maintenance requirements.

Aluminium will never warp or rust and you won’t be required to paint it! This surely makes it the door frame material of choice. Incredibly low maintenance, all that’s needed is a dash of oil periodically to keep the locks and tracks operating smoothly – oh and the occasional wash-down.

Aluminium bifold doors are recyclable. Stats show that 70% of all aluminium ever produced has been recycled and is still in use today. Recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy used when producing it from raw materials.

Safety, Longevity and Minimal Maintenance

Aluminium frames are so strong that they can take larger panes of glass in proportion to the frames, without having a detrimental effect on the strength and safety of the doors. This means they can be installed in a conservatory, for example, along three of the entire walls if you wish. Extra security is provided by the fixings and the attaching points for the handles, locks and hinges.

Thanks to advances in polymide technology that have increased its strength and thermal properties; aluminium is non-porous and non-corroding, lasting much longer than it did in the past. A modern aluminium bi-fold door can still look as good, while retaining its thermal properties, for decades.


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