Swiss/German excellence, featuring the Bali60 system

An installation that’s not only stylish but also functional and secure

In the London borough of Richmond upon Thames, Teddington is a land of quiet residential bliss, ideal for settling down into the perfect domestic life. We visited our client in Teddington to help them on their way with a meticulously planned installation of convenient and stylish Bali60 Lift & Slide doors. Now this family home is an endlessly versatile space. Not only can its proud owners lock winter weather out without obscuring the beautiful garden, they are capable too of letting nature flood in during summer months. With their lift-and-slide system, the doors slide open with the ease of pushing a curtain aside, an effect that is guaranteed to last. Finished in a tasteful Aztekgrau hue, constructed of the finest materials and fixed with a multipoint lock system, this is an installation that’s not only stylish but also functional and secure. You should expect nothing less from Urban & Grey’s expert team.

Bali60 Lift & Slide Doors Installation

  • Area: Teddington
  • Products: Sunparadise Bali60 lift & slide doors
  • Finish: The ever-popular Aztekgrau
  • Sizes: 6000mm x 2300mm, 3 panels
  • Install location: Single-storey kitchen extension

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