Bali60 Lift and Slide Doors

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At a glance
  • Lift-and-slide system means no wear-and-tear
  • Easy to slide panels
  • Thermally broken aluminium means real flexibility
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Wide range of glazing options and finishes
  • Multipoint locking system
You deserve the best

It’s early morning and the sun’s just coming up.  The air is already beginning to warm.

You walk over to the sliding door and with the greatest of ease it moves aside.

And you can head out to enjoy the weather.

Sliding door design at its best

The Bali60 door’s frictionless lift-&-slide system is one of the finest designs to come onto the market for years and you now have the chance to join our many other satisfied customers taking advantage of this unique technology.

Over time, traditional, cheaper sliding doors suffer from wear and tear along the tracks. They can become stiff, or even come off the rails entirely.

Needless to say, the Bali60 door is the solution.  And it’s a simple – but extremely effective – one.  When moved, the panels raise and lower by 6mm.

Not much of a distance, we agree.  But it’s more than enough to ensure virtually no friction.  Sliding the Bali60 is as easy as moving a curtain.

They’ll run as smoothly in ten years as they do today.


Complete weather resistance

You may be wondering if the gap means air or – worse – water can get in.

Well, don’t worry: once the Bali60 panels are in place they’re as secure as any other doors available on the market.  What’s more, the floor track can even be recessed to create a flush threshold: ideal for a kitchen floor that leads straight out onto a patio or conservatory.

Guaranteed security

The Bali60 doors include a complete, market-leading security system.  Secure night vent locking gives you the guarantee that your family is being protected by the best in the business.

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To find out more about the stunning Bali60 doors, give Urban & Grey a call today and we can help you redefine the possibilities of natural light in your precious living areas.

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Technical specifications
  • Construction: Thermally broken aluminium
  • Insulation: Uw value of 1.8 (W = 1.8k/m2)
  • Glazing:Toughened or laminated, double or triple glazed Low-E units, all glass types up to 42mm thick possible. In-glazed blinds available.
  • Frame finish:Polyester powder coated or anodised, with a wide range of colours available and the option for different finishes inside and out
  • Ironmongery: black, white, grey or satin finish. Colour matched also now available.
  • Panel width:max 3000mm
  • Panel height: max 3000mm
  • Panel thickness: 60mm
  • Maximum weight: 280kg
  • Security:multipoint locking with high security cylinder locks

Credit for product shots to photographer, Paul Smoothy
Mark Dyson RIBA
Enclosure Architects