Urban Glide 22 sliding doors

Urban Glide 22 sliding doors invite the light in

Urbane and elegant, the township of Esher – with its pleasant suburbs of detached houses – is a choice location for property-enhancing installations. We visited our client in Esher to meticulously plan the bespoke delivery of Urban Glide 22 sliding doors to exact specifications. Now this Surrey house’s kitchen space is positively flooded with natural light. See how clean, straight lines are accentuated with glamourous shine and artful reflection. This Esher kitchen practically shares its space with the garden outside, while the durable aluminium frame and toughened glazing ensure insulation and security. You should expect nothing less from our expert team at Urban & Grey.

Urban Glide 22 Sliding Doors

  • Area: Esher, Surrey
  • Products: Urban Glide 22 aluminium sliding doors
  • Sizes: 3 sets of sliding doors, all sliding, ranging between 3000-3500mm high, flush track
  • Install location: Single-storey kitchen extension

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