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At a glance
  • Unique slide-and-stack system
  • Thermally broken panels
  • Doors slide easily around any angle between 90 and 180 degrees
  • Single track running
  • Can integrate tilt-and-turn
  • Variety of finishes


A home unlike anyone else’s

It’s hard to find a home that’s truly unique.  Even the most luxury family abodes often have an air of ‘cookie cutter’ about them.

But what if you want something that’s really you?  A design that represents your own unique tastes?

The Monoslide60 system is the answer

Doors play a huge part in any home’s identity.  So, the more flexibility they offer, the more unique your design can be.  The Monoslide60 range is perhaps the most flexible product in our range; effectively acting as a moveable glass wall.

The unique slide-and-stack doors can be moved along the single track, giving you the ability to tailor your view until you’re happy with it.

A room for all seasons

Another major benefit to the Monoslide60 is the ability to always have the perfect living environment – whatever the season.

So many homes are perfect in winter and roasting in summer, and vice-versa.  The Monoslide’s adjustable panels mean you can go from real warmth in the colder months to an-almost open-air atmosphere in the summer.

And, of course, this flexibility makes it perfect for the host or hostess: the Monoslide 60 range will give you the chance to put on everything from the perfect barbecue to the ideal dinner party. All within the same room!

A spotless space

The whole Monoslide60 system slides easily into place, meaning that however you’ve arranged the panel doors, you can easily – and more importantly, tidily – keep them stacked and out of the way.  The one thing no-one wants in a perfect home is clutter.

Simple, superb security

All this flexibility doesn’t have to mean low levels of security.  In fact, no matter how many panels you move around, the entire system can be secured by one, single locking-bolt handle.  Complete safety, the easy way.

One investment, lifetime payoffs

As with all of the products we sell, the Monoslide60 system has a low U-value, greatly reducing heat loss through the material, leading to a warmer house when you need it and improved energy efficiency that saves money on energy bills for years to come.

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Technical specifications
  • Construction: Thermally broken aluminium
  • Insulation: Uw value of 1.8 (W = 1.8k/m2
  • Glazing: Toughened or laminated, double or triple glazed Low-E units, all glass types up to 42mm thick possible. In-glazed blinds available
  • Frame finish: Polyester powder coated or anodised, with a wide range of colours available and the option for different finishes inside and out.
  • Ironmongery: black, white, grey or satin finish. Colour matched also now available
  • Panel width:max 3000mm
  • Panel height: max 3000mm
  • Panel thickness: 60mm
  • Maximum weight: 280kg
  • Security: multipoint locking with high security cylinder locks
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