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Can You Improve Home Comforts for Monther’s Day 2021

Your home protects you and keeps you safe. It keeps you warm on those cold winter nights. It is always there for you, no matter what, and it always has, and always will be there to share all those special family memories with.
What more does your home need to do to have something special on Mother’s day that’s filled with love?
Your home sees you go through good times and bad times but is always there at the end of the day. We feel that rather than splash out on extravagant, and unnecessary gifts this Mothering Sunday on March 14th, why not treat your home to something you all will really appreciate, including your parents.
How about a new bespoke bi-folding doors? This would make your home even more grand and stand out from your neighbours, so that your home can keep you even more warm and safe. All our doors go through rigorous quality testing at every stage of the manufacturing process, to reassure you that you are making a choice that is truly built to last.

Comfort Begins With A Warm Home and Heart

Our bifold doors are double, or even triple, glazed which mean your home is kept as toasty as possible. The compelling technology of the glass doors means that no draught can creep through. The blinds or curtains that you choose for your doors will also have a positive effect on the inside temperature.
You could even give it a new lease of life by building a new extension with Rooflights, Skylights or Lanterns. This would be the perfect place for you and your family to make more precious memories. Not forgetting that your home would love to be upgraded with a new room.
We are here to help with every step of the process. So, you can relax and be confident that your homes special gift is completed smoothly, and to the highest standard.
It’s not just your home, or your parent’s home which deserves something this Mother’s Day. Show her love and enhance her home, demonstrate long lasting warmth and lower heating bill for the future.
The 14th March 2021 is not far away now, so pop into one of our showrooms, or request a brochure to see how you could enhance your home. At Urban & Grey, we have the perfect gifts for the mother figure in your life.
Urban and Grey bifold door frames in aluminium are easily be customised bespoke and made-to-measure to suit your individual needs:
  • Colour Frames Powder Coated – the colouration, finish and size can all be custom ordered
  • Bifold Doors Made To Measure – We offer a wide variety of colours meaning that traditional brushed aluminium is not the only option
  • Wood Finish Aluminium Frames – Opt for a more warm, welcoming wooden grain finish. You also have the choice of up to six door leaves with personalised sash widths and opening options.
  • Patio Doors to Lead Into The Garden – See our showcase video below:

Security for peace of mind
You need to feel secure in your own home – and our Bi Fold Doors don’t just meet the latest security standards, they exceed them. The doors come with a unique eight-point locking system, as well as heavy-duty zinc hinges and a cylinder lock. Both are designed to resist even the most determined would-be intruder.

Increase Equity and adding Value to your home
Due to aluminium’s long lasting nature, installing our bifold doors will even increase the value of your property, making it a worthy investment. They provide a modern aesthetic and open up the house, which will draw in more potential buyers if you decide to sell in the future.


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