Glass interior walls can benefit virtually any home!

Glass interiors remain very popular with our customers. However, we know that some people might be a bit unsure as to the benefits of having such products installed: they’re still a relatively new feature, after all. Because of that, we thought we’d put together this quick guide on the ways in which glass interior walls can benefit virtually any home.

They’re aesthetically pleasing

Glass features in general have a timeless aesthetic. They remain extremely popular with homeowners around the world, and are a key part of many modern trend-setting designs. They encompass many of modern architecture’s key credentials, including spaciousness and transparency, not to mention a feeling of minimalism. If you’re interested in an apartment or house that will never go out of style, glass interior walls are a great choice.

They widen up spaces

One of the biggest challenges of interior design is to widen up spaces in smaller rooms. Canny use of mirrors is one well-known technique, but glass interior walls are far more effective.

Transparent walls can make even smaller one or two-bedroom apartments seem far more substantial, giving them the feel of a good loft-apartment. If you dislike the ‘boxy’ feel that comes from smaller spaces, glass interior walls are a good option.

They increase natural light

Another often-cited problem that homeowners have with smaller properties is the darkness: if your apartment or home only has small, single windows it can be hard work to make the spaces within it look bright and welcoming. Glass interiors are a great way to combat this, allowing windows to illuminate throughout the property. One window can help to light two or three different rooms, giving the whole apartment or house a much brighter, warmer feel.

Health benefits

It’s been proven that increased exposure to natural daylight can help improve general health. Daylight has been proven to aid with reducing stress, depression and even some forms of pains. Increased exposure to natural light also helps to prevent vitamin D deficiency, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), migraines and eye strain, as well as a number of other ailments.

They open up the home, increasing feelings of connectivity

If you live with your family or a spouse, then internal glass walls can help to increase the positive feeling that comes from shared living. Even if your spouse is reading in the bedroom whilst you’re watching TV, you can still feel like you’re sharing the space with them. This can really help bring families and partners together.

They increase the views

If you’ve got a particularly stunning view from one of your windows, it seems a shame to not be able to enjoy it from every room in the house. With glass interior walls, you can! Enjoy the view of your garden – or perhaps the city skyline – whilst relaxing in a different room. What’s more, the ability to do this can help to increase the value of a home: the better the view from the different spaces, the more desirable the property will be.

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